Don't let conventional wisdom derail your financial plan

By Barry Fisher on KPRL Radio

For decades conventional wisdom has leaned heavily toward the notion of making maximum pre-tax contributions to qualified plans (ex. IRAs, Pension, 401k, 403b) in order to receive the benefits of:

· A write-off on “this year’s” tax bill.
· Tax deferred growth; and
· The belief that when one starts drawing money from qualified plan(s) their tax bracket will be lower than it is today.

The immediate gratification of getting a write-off on this year’s taxes can be alluring. However, what will this cost you in the long run? Tax-deferred accumulation is merely a postponement of paying taxes on these retirement dollars and, as explained in my February 14th Blog, the Federal Government has a big say in when you must begin withdrawing funds and how much you must take annually.

Investment risk is a factor when accumulating assets in qualified plans. Because we use pre-tax dollars to fund much of our retirement savings, the monies generally end up in volatile investments such as stocks, bonds, precious metals, and cryptocurrency. Therefore, we may not have complete control over the value of our retirement assets when we’re ready to use them. Market volatility, inflation, and future tax rates could put a “big-hurt” on one’s retirement aspirations.

I’m not suggesting you completely do away with your current qualified plan contributions. Certainly, if your employer matches a portion of your deposits into a 401k or 403b plan, it makes sense to take advantage of the match. Beyond that, you may want to forego the immediate gratification of tax-deferred contributions for a tax-favored Private Reserve Strategy that will provide you with all of the following benefits:

Private Reserve Ingredients

In my opinion, market volatility, inflation and the upward creep of tax rates dictates a diversified approach to retirement savings.

Blaze ‘n Bear Insurance Services provides targeted financial advice to help clients achieve their strategic goals and objectives:

We mentor families to help them grow and protect their wealth with appropriate use of various life and disability insurance products.

We guide business owners in key-person business protection, succession and estate planning, utilizing a secure online business valuation tool that helps them grow and manage their business; and

We work with those approaching retirement to plan for their long-term care needs.

We employ a consultive and interactive approach to the financial planning process, making sure your insurance planning aligns with your big-picture personal financial goals, objectives and strategies.

You deserve a sound and well-balanced financial plan. Contact us to today at 805-635-7200 to see how we can help secure your future with competitive low-risk wealth accumulation and protection strategies.

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