Long Term Care Insurance

Blaze ‘n Bear Insurance Services Inc, is proud to support Life Happens a non-profit dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of life, disability and long-term care insurance.  The content on many of these pages is provided to us by Life Happens.  To see more, CLICK HERE.

Senior couple smiling warmly, representing the need for long-term care and companionship in aging gracefully.

Care or companionship?

Long-term care insurance and hybrid policies. Download to learn what is right for you.

An elderly couple enjoying a leisurely walk together, symbolizing the importance of companionship and physical activity in long-term care journeys.

Care or companionship?

It’s not just what long-term care insurance can do for you, but what it can do for your loved ones.

A multigenerational family gathered around a table, illustrating the value of saving for both family needs and future business endeavors.

Care or companionship?

“Without this planning, I’m not sure where my family would be financially, or… my business…”

A couple representing the importance of future planning and preparedness in later stages of life.

Care or companionship?

It’s about options, and your insurance professional can help you with a strategy that works for your needs and budget.

An older couple trekking through nature, embodying the adventurous spirit and possibilities of the retirement journey.

The Journey of Retirement

Retirement today is no longer a destination; it’s a new journey, a whole new chapter of life.

Retiring in a Bear Market

What happens when a bear market coincides with a care market for a couple without a pension?