Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance 101 Resources

Blaze ‘n Bear Insurance Services Inc, is proud to support Life Happens a non-profit dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of life, disability and long-term care insurance.  The content on many of these pages is provided to us by Life Happens.  To see more, CLICK HERE.

Protecting the future. Father with sons

Protecting the future

Most couples disagree. And it was that way for Stephen and Katie. Download the rest of the story.

A family smiling, thinking about life insurance options, prioritizing financial security and future planning for their loved ones.

It’s for them, not you

Getting life insurance is an easy step in helping to accomplish protecting your loved ones.

Mother with son and daughter who with life insurance planning are taken care of.

For those who live

Michael was a fit and healthy family man. Download the rest of the story.

Father and daughter horseback riding, planning for the future so they don't have to face the unexpected.

Facing the Unexpected

Jamey and Robyn met and realized they shared a love for ranches. Download the rest of the story.

Father and son. FAQ for Life Insurance


Curious about life insurance? Download the PDF to find out what is right for you.

Compare Term Life Insurance


Term and permanent life insurance. Which one is right for you?

About Life Insurance

About life insurance

What you need to know about life insurance. Find out more.

Taking charge of life insurance

Take charge

Protect your family’s financial security in tough times.

Life Insurance needs worksheet

Life insurance needs worksheet

Get a general sense of how much life insurance you need to protect your family.